Hard to believe that almost exactly 4 years ago, I was preparing  to leave my 1869 farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania, where we had filmed Thanksgiving for “Good Morning America” with Julia Child,  to make the biggest change of my life.  After a very long and happy career as a cookbook author and food editor, most notably at Food & Wine magazine,  I was leaving my home, friends, and livelihood, life as I knew it, to venture south into foreign territory–Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There I would spend an entire year taking the science courses required just to qualify for application to the combined program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which would earn me a Master’s Degree in Public Health and all preparation for certification as a registered dietitian.  I needed inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, human physiology, microbiology, introduction to psychology, sociology, nutrition, and biochemistry.  This for an English Major from the University of Chicago…  And there was no guarantee I’d be accepted. I even had to take the GREs!

Now I have my Master’s Degree in Public Health, with a Major in Nutrition, and am a fully accredited Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist. I practice medical nutrition therapy for chronic diseases and dietary counseling at my new company, Triangle Nutritional Wellness, which is located at Chapel Hill Doctors Integrative Health Center in Chapel Hill, NC. I use the latest evidence-based approaches to wellness, many of which I learned from my integrative work with Dr. Thomas Rau, when we collaborated on The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health.