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Some people may have noticed I have not posted in a very long time. That is because I simply am not a natural-born blogger. A million years ago, I learned to cook by working my way through both volumes of Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” but it would never have occurred to me to publicize that fact. More acts were private in those days. And there was no way of boasting when she came to my house to do Thanksgiving with wild turkey for “Good Morning America,” especially precious to me because she said on the air how much she loved my book “Cooking from a Country Farmhouse.”

So during the past year or so I neglected to document online all the work I have done on my next book with Dr. Jorge E. Rodriguez: “The Diabetes Solution. Together, we’ve put together a volume that addresses everything you need to know to reverse prediabetes or control and alleviate type 2 diabetes. I’ve come up with a structured eating plan that once mastered, makes it easy for anyone to lower their blood sugar, losing the extra weight they need to shed in the process. It’s based on the successful eating plans I’ve used in my private practice, which is so very gratifying.

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So I hope you’ll look for “The Diabetes Solution” when it comes out in November, published by Ten Speed Press. In the meantime, future posts will give you a preview about managing diabetes as well as other chronic inflammatory diseases through the right way of eating and other lifestyle choices. Please stay tuned.