About Susan Wyler, RD

“As an evidence-based practitioner of both traditional and integrative nutrition, I believe in the protective and healing power of real food. Whether managing chronic diseases or controlling weight, an individualized healthy diet–rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains–is associated with better health.”

Co-author of both the Acid Reflux Solution  and The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health, Susan Wyler, RD, is a licensed clinical nutritionist with a master’s degree in public health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she practices at  Triangle Nutritional Wellness.  Former food editor of Food & Wine magazine, and a highly regarded writer, she has written many cookbooks,  including Cooking for a Crowd, Simply Stews,  and Julia Child’s favorite, Cooking from a Country Farmhouse.

6 thoughts on “About Susan Wyler, RD”

  1. A friend is bragging about your “Three Mushroom Lasagne with Gorgonzola Sauce” on Facebook and her friends are asking for the recipe. Is there any chance you’d post that online? It sounds delicious!

    • Thanks for the compliment, Stephen. That used to be one of my favorite recipes and one of the richest I ever developed, but since taking up nutrition, it’s not been on my A list. However, it’s what you do most of the time that counts, so a small portion for a splurge won’t hurt anyone…much:-) I’ll try to post it on my Facebook page later in the week. All best, Susan

  2. Heather Hornik said:

    I’m planning a big party and as usual, my first stop is Cooking for a Crowd. Youve guided my big entertaining for years, and every meal has been wonderful. Thank you so much. Next up is a vegetarian dinner for fifty. Within your writing, have you created a vegetarian feast with a menu and recipes?

    • Heather,
      Im so sorry I did to reply to your comment last year. I am smart, a good writer, a fabulous cook, and an excellent nutritionist, but hugely challenged with technology. I just stumbled onto this section of the blog. I don’t think I’ve created a specifically vegetarian menu, but you could do so easily by running through the book and picking and choosing from the vegetable recipes. I think I’d use a great mac ‘n cheese as my centerpiece; I love the one in my “Cooking from a Country Farmhouse,” which uses lots of very sharp cheddar and a crispy garlic-herb crumb crust.

      • Heather Hornik said:

        Thanks, Susan. I can only agree with your self-description and I totally get the ‘technology-challenged’ part. Thanks for the suggestion, and I’ll tuck it away for the next vegetarian feast. For the most recent one, I used a recipe for a Mejadra or Mujadarra, a mideastern lentil rice dish with caramelized onions. It provided a very good base for a variety of sides, including mango salsa and cucumber raita.

  3. Splendid website, Susan. I’d been telling friends here at dinner this evening about your wonderful books and career which prompts me now to see how you’re doing. That photograph of you and Julia brought back a memory of her visit to your home in Starrucca.
    Buena suerte,

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